Welcome to the latest edition of WE_magazine: WE_africa.

During Ulrike's last trip to Africa (August & September 2010) the idea of working on a new issue of WE_magazine dedicated to Africa took shape. And now here it is: WE_africa! WE have tried to go beyond the stereotype "western-like" point of view to zoom in on the continent's incredible richness and diversity. In various very personal reports from Africans all over the continent WE want to draw an authentic picture of Africa - an Africa that is not longer dark but innovative, inspiring and full of hope. WE_africa is a platform for those who personally drive the change they want to see.

This is our contribution to a new worldview. Enjoy!

Bea, Dominik & Ulrike

We_magazine Volume 04 Creative Commons

5 Things You Didn't Know About Africa
Emergent Africa
Africa is NOT A Country!
Stop Terrorism! Start Transformation!
Africa's Future − Ask China!
Change Has A Name: Mobile
Talking About A Revolution
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Spaces Of Freedom
Culture − A Life Affirming Joy
Kenya Matters
A Techie In Love With The Arts
Radio As A Force For Peace
You Beg, Borrow, Steal ;-)
For Men Only?
Africa's Global Community
I Want To Be A Computer Genius
Technology For Transparency
Memoirs Of A Slum Boy
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